Garment bags

garment bagsGarment bags and dry cleaning bags are poly bags gusseted with used mostly by dry cleaning shops, alteration shops, shipping clothes company, garment factories, and even home uses to keep their clothes dust-free and clean. This product is an essential Dry Cleaning supply. The dry cleaner bag has an 4" inch wide gusset for extra wide opening and easier to pull over the dry cleaned clothes. Our Dry Cleaner garment bags help extend the life of your clothes. Store out-of-season clothing in dusty attics and basements without worry. The garment bags / poly-bags are made from polyethylene plastic resin. Double sealed sloped shoulders for proper and secure hang & fit. The bags come in a roll and are perforated according to the length selected. The available lengths are 30" inches to 72" inches.

Types of garment bags

Protect your clothing investment with clear garment bags and garment covers. Keep dust and lint off garments by keeping them covered, even in short term storage. 38"x24"X20" T-Shirt Cover protects one or two items; 46"x24"x20" long suit bag or jacket cover holds up to 2 suits; 60"x24"x20" long dress covers that dresses clean and dust-proof. Clear, 70 gauge polythene that let you easily see what is inside, and the gusseted style helps them fit better over bulky items.

Custom printed poly garment bags

Our custom printed poly garment bags are an cleaver way for dry cleaners and clothing stores to promote their company at a low price. Custom print on any size garment bags on a variety of colors. They come with a pre slit hanger hole, generally with a contoured shoulder shape to fit standard hangers, and side gussets for multiple or bulky garments. Usually our custom printed garment poly bags will include a standard suffocation warnings legend, although it must be specifically required by the customer at the time of printing. They are available on a roll and they are perforated for easy tear off. We also carry unprinted clear garment poly bags in stock. Stock transparent poly garment bags are available in four versatile sizes for pants, shirts, suits and dresses or long coats.

Select the right size of garment bag

Sr No. Length Suggested Application
1. 36" Long Suits/Shirts
2. 48" Long Jackets/Trausers
3. 60" Long Dresses/Suits

Guide to Garment Bags

Finding homes for uniforms and business garments online

It's a common necessity: from dry cleaning to event handling, business managers look for protective items to keep clothes fresh and clean. Wholesale garment bags can be simple and disposable, or more complicated. For some projects, you'll want customized or personalized garment bags to keep garments identified and prevent loss.
Whether it's simple plastic sheeting or heavy vinyl bags you're looking for, you can make easy purchases online and take care of ordering these critical garment protectors. Business purchasers across many industries order garment bags for situations like the following:

1. To protect customer garments, and to identify customer property, in dry cleaning shops, hotels, or cloak rooms.
2. To protect company uniforms from wear, and to identify uniforms to be distributed to staff members.
3. For use by corporate executives in traveling situations or for complimentary dry cleaning.

Action Steps
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Find simple plastic sheeting garment bags for your business clothes don't have to be overly stylish or elaborate, and they don't need to break the bank. Very simple and utilitarian plastic sheets will do the job just fine in most cases. Take a look at the cheapest and easiest options for more generic garment handling, for large client projects or a large staff.

We recommend: Find light garment bag models at in conventional styles.

Get heavy, durable garment bags in polyvinyl or similar materials. For more specific garment handling uses, you may want opaque garment luggage made of sterner stuff than the plastic sheeting. Heavy-duty garment bags are perfect for customer clothes for formal events, or distribution among a small number of clients or staff.

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Think about the needs of your staff. For those traveling by car, a simple hanging garment bag model will do, but for others, you may want to go with suitcase-style garment luggage that will fit into overhead compartments. Also get any name spellings for personalized or monogrammed luggage.